Zandhandel en transportbedrijf van der Velde

Collecting our products
Zandzuigbedrijf Het Noorden is established in Nieuwe Pekela, about 30 kilometres from Groningen and the German border. If you collect your products yourself, then this site has an efficient loading and storage capacity. There is also a trans-shipment station in the local area to transport the products by train or by ship.

Delivery in the region
For deliveries within the Netherlands, we often make use of our parent company H.H. van der Velde b.v. This company has about 25 lorries and some of these are equipped with a container system.

Worldwide delivery
A large part of the filter sand is delivered to customers all over the world. Also for these customers, we can offer transport possibilities via road, sea, train and even by air for rapid delivery. These forms of transport are provided by companies specialised in logistics on an international level.