Zandhandel en transportbedrijf van der Velde

The filter sand and gravel products
Zandzuigbedrijf Het Noorden supplies various precisely defined granule sizes of quartz filter sand. In particular, the chemical characteristics and the low variation in the granule size mean that the sand is used in, among others, France, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Belgium.

Characteristics filter sand and gravel
Form: rounded granule
Colour: (broken) white

We possess our own sand exploitation site called "Kruiselwerk". A suction dredger is used to transport the sand to the classification installation. This classification installation washes the sand and makes a rough distinction between sand and wood or loam. The sand is then heated and dried so that it can be sieved. After it has been sieved, the product can be packed either in plastic bags weighing 25 kg or in big bags weighing 1000 kg or 1500 kg.

The recent increase in the number of our customers and the increasing demand for larger quantities has lead to us making major investments in the production process. The result is that almost the whole production process now takes place automatically. The extensive storage area for packaged sand guarantees a rapid delivery.