“Zandzuigbedrijf Het Noorden (Sand Dredging Company “Het Noorden”) is a company that specialises in producing and selling industrial sand, for example filter sand and gravel. The company has more than 50 years of experience in this field. The head office is established in Nieuwe Pekela, The Netherlands.

Since the takeover of “Zandzuigbedrijf Het Noorden” by H.H. van der Velde b.v., major investments have been made in the production process. The resultant increase in production means that we can now supply large quantities of filter sand and gravel to our customers better and faster.

Close to home…
A large part of the sand we process remains close to home. In particular, the accurately produced filter sand is required during the construction of water exploitation wells and for deep well pumping by earth drilling companies

…Far away
Taking sand to the desert. It seems just as pointless as transporting water to the sea. Nevertheless, we recently received a request from Egypt to send our special sand there. Other customers for our sand come from France, Belgium and even South Africa. This special sand from our “Kruiselwerk” site is used at home and abroad in laboratory configurations, in water purification installations, in textured paints and as braking sand for locomotives, etc. True enough, in smaller quantities, but it does say something about the special characteristics of the sand.

If you are a customer or you want a special type of sand, please do not hesitate to contact our company. With many years of experience, broad technical knowledge, extensive service and high quality products, we can undoubtedly help you.